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About District Line Co.

We Are District Line Co.

When Lisa McLaughlin founded DLC in 2014, she had a straightforward business plan: to promote the love of local with shirts that feel like home. It’s easy to see why her designs have captured iconic skylines and the hearts of the people who live beneath them.

We Are Local.

We are a small local company that proudly supports other small local companies. When you buy our shirts, you directly support and invest in independent designers and neighborhood businesses. It’s a purchase you can feel good about (and you’ll look great while doing it).

So Are You.

We launched the #ThisIsMyLocal hashtag campaign to encourage our neighbors, friends, and followers to spill a little local pride onto the social interwebs. It is a celebration of small businesses, big city life, and people, and serves as a beautiful reminder of how much we have in common, no matter “wear” we call home.

Buy It. Wear It. Share It. #ThisIsMyLocal

Lauren Feliz-Durishin

In-house Stylist & Makeup Artist

Lauren joined the District Line Co. team in 2016 and brings her passionate principles on beauty to our brand: Beauty is in all of us, we just need to see it in ourselves. Lauren’s company, Beauty by Word of Mouth, was founded on the simple principle that makeup, style & fashion in all forms is meant to be not only transformative but also illustrative. It tells the world the story of who we are and who we want to be. Lauren uses these ideas to help men and women tell their stories and shine in their communities.

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